Quincy Interviews Open Source Legends The Changelog for their 10

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Quincy Larson interviews The Changelog hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo as they celebrate 10 years of open source podcasts. Then they interview him for freeCodeCamp's 5 year anniversary. Full Timestamps:

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0:00 Quincy’s intro
3:06 interview starts
4:35 Adam’s journey from a poor town to the military
9:55 Adam joins the military, climbs in rank, serves overseas
18:00 Adam returns and goes into sales
29:05 Adam gets his first job in tech at a consultancy
34:40 Adam gets into podcasting
37:15 Adam starts The Changelog podcast
49:40 “Podfading” starts and how Jerod stepped in to help
58:31 Jerod’s origin story
1:04:56 Jerod gets stranded for 2 years in government agency limbo
1:13:30 “An overnight success that took many years”
1:19:51 The 3 C’s
1:22:05 The Changelog “goes pro” and becomes a profitable business
1:36:34 The creation of Go Time and other Changelog podcasts
1:41:50 Breakmaster Cylinder and the music of The Changelog
1:50:52 How the lightning-fast Changelog website was written in Elixir
1:58:32 Open source contributors to changelog.com and key show hosts
2:11:42 Adam and Jerod on the open source conference scene
2:22:09 The next decade of The Changelog
2:29:16 Closing out The Changelog interview
===|The Changelog interviews freeCodeCamp|===
2:31:49 The 3 pillars of freeCodeCamp
2:37:50 Lessons Quincy has learned over the past 5 years
2:43:10 Getting to scale and millions of monthly users
2:50:19 The growing job market for developers and how to get a job
3:00:05 How freeCodeCamp survives and intro to the team
3:04:42 The freeCodeCamp international community
3:09:40 freeCodeCamp’s curriculum and expanding it
3:17:45 freeCodeCamp’s infrastructure and the JAM Stack
3:22:57 The freeCodeCamp publication and explanatory tech journalism
3:29:34 How freeCodeCamp escaped the “content platform” trap
3:31:28 freeCodeCamp’s budget and the laser focus on efficiency
3:39:30 Why 100% of the donations go toward programs and 0% go toward fundraising
3:44:00 Why Quincy turned down all offers to acquire freeCodeCamp
3:46:05 Chapter - freeCodeCamp’s open source Meetup.com alternative
3:55:25 The future of freeCodeCamp